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Welcome to Dash.FM. We’ve collected some of the best classic 80’s arcade games like Super Mario games, Sonic games and the original Tetris game and made them available all in one place — right here! There’s no denying the worldwide popularity of Mario. Take a look at our Facebook page and join our growing fan base. You can play many games here, but the fun really starts when you download our toolbar, which you can do by clicking the toolbar picture above. This custom-built toolbar is 100% spam and virus-free and is packed chock full with over 1,500 free games including tons of Mario games.

Also included are the ever-popular Stickman games, even more 80’s-arcade games like Pacman and Tetris, Sonic-the-Hedgehog games and more. You even get a built in free music player and other useful links right in the toolbar. Download it now and see what you’re missing!


Super Mario Games: “Let’s-A-Go!”

Originally developed in the 1980’s, Mario games have been best sellers for over 20 years. Play Super Mario Flash and other Mario online games right here or download our free games toolbar with even more flash games.  We’ve even got Donkey Kong online, the first game to feature Mario.  Whether you say Super Mario, Mario Bros. or Mario Brothers, we’ve got all the best Mario games online for you right here, free.  Play Mario online now!

Tetris Game

The original Tetris game was originally a Russian puzzle game created in 1984 by a Soviet scientist.  It’s been ranked as the greatest computer game of all time, with more than 70 million copies sold.  Play the original Tetris game online or get your Tetris download right here. Play Tetris online!

Sonic Games: Faster than Sound

Sonic games,  first released in 1991, were  Sega’s answer to Mario games, Nintendo’s smash hit.  Selling 75 million copies worldwide, Sonic the Hedgehog moves at the speed of sound and rolls into a ball to attack his enemies.  Some Sonic trivia: the early concepts around Sonic gave him fangs, and he was in a rock band with a human girlfriend named Madonna!  Get Sonic games and over 1,500 more free games for your PC by downloading our game toolbar, or play it right here.  Play Sonic games now!

Pacman: The Classic Arcade Game

First released in Japan in 1980, Pacman is the classic arcade game.   In the 80’s Pacman was so popular that it inspired clothing, an animated TV series and a top 10 hit single.  An incredible 94% of Americans recognize the Pacman icon, and the Pacman arcade game is even on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.  We have free Pacman games online and other super games for your PC.  Play free Pacman now!

Space Invaders Returns

Space Invaders goes all the way back to 1978, when it was released as an arcade game.  It was one of the first shooting games, with the aim of the player to destroy wave after wave of descending aliens with a laser cannon. By 2007 Space Invaders earned its designer $500 million, and Guinness World Records lists it as the #1 arcade game of all time.  We have Original Space Invaders and over 1,500 games to play on your PC, free.  Play Space Invaders now!

Stickman Games

Stickman games rock.  Their history is unclear, but that’s not important to Stickman fans.  Shooting arrows, riding BMW bikes up and down mountains, playing cricket or becoming an assassin are all in a day’s work in the world of Stickman games.  Play Stickman games free here and download even more with our free games toolbar.  Play Stickman games now!

Farmville and 100’s of other games too!

Like Farmville?  How about Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Fishville, Petville, Yoville and Zynga Poker?  We have all the Zynga games.  We also have over 1,500 other super games to play on your PC, all 100% FREE.



Mahjong Games online

Like Puzzle games? We have Mahjong online games like Mahjong Solitaire and Classic Mahjong for you to play, anytime for free. New games are always added to so check back often to see what’s new!

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