Asteroids will kick your butt

Asteroids is fun because it’s simple, but I hate it because it’s impossible after five minutes. The frustrating part of it is that right when you get the hang of it, the asteroids start coming faster than you can get your fingers to shoot. At that point, I become furious with how long it takes my brain to send messages to my hands and want to give up. Getting the little white rock blobs to disintegrate is amazingly satisfying, though, so I keep restarting the game so I can play at the easiest level. Oh, and if you are brave enough to actually move your arrow/spaceship around rather than just spinning 360 degrees, I’d like to shake your hand. That thing moves like it’s on an air hockey table. That’s how things would move in space, you say? Way to add an element of unnecessarily complicated physics to an otherwise insanely archaic game.

Guess this is the hand I need to shake:

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