New Stickman games!

Stickman games

We’ve added more Stickman games to our popular Mario games toolbar. Check out the titles you can play free, right from your browser. Click here to download!
Bowman 2
BMX Madness
BMX Challenge
Effing Worms
Ultimate Assassin 2
Stickicide 2
Run or Die
Draw Cartoon
Bum Rush
Potty Racers
Circle of Pain
Kawai Run
Stick Basketball
God’s Playing Field
Star Man
Exit Path
Shopping Cart Hero
Shopping Cart Hero 2
Flood Runner
Maniac Killer
Ultimate Sniper
Falling Forever
Ragdoll Laser Dodge
Save the Stickman
Save the Stickman 2
Army Sniper
Stickman’s Packing
Stickman Eating Smiley Snake
Stickman Dressup
Stickman Sky Walk
Stickmen Hate Valentine’s Day
Flood Runner
Flood Runner 2

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More Cool 25th Anniversary Mario Goodies

Nintendo keeps cranking out the Mario goodies for their 25th anniversary celebration. First, they announced the Super Mario All Stars package, which includes 4 classic Mario games, a CD of Super Mario History and a booklet containing original art and behind the scenses interviews. The games included are Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. The games can be played on the Wii with one of these controllers: Wii Remote controller, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro or the Nintendo GameCube controller. The price is $29.99 and will be available in the US Dec. 12. You like?

Also announced is the Limited Edition Wii featuring a red Wii console, new Super Mario game disc, Wii Sports game disc, red Wii Remote Plus controller and a red Nunchuck controller. Yours for $199.99 and available beginning Nov. 7. The red design is pretty awesome right?

To round things out, check out the 25th anniversary Limited Edition DSi XL system with Mario Kart game. Also available Nov. 7 and yours for $179.99. I have to admit, the artwork on the DSi XL looks pretty sweet. What do you think? If you’re broke, just console yourself with the free Mario games right here on Dash.FM!

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Nintendo wants you to make your own Mario flipnote

Nintendo is keeping the Mario 25th anniversary thing alive and well.  They challenge all DSi and DSi XL owners to create and submit their own Mario flipnotes, featuring characters from any SMB game.  They even supply some audio clips you can use to get started.  The contest runs between Oct. 18th and Nov. 19th — one flipnote per DSi please says Nintendo.

Don’t know how to make a flipnote?  No problem, Nintendo gives some tips on their webpage.

Check out this flipnote on YouTube:

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Super Mario Bros. Classic Glitches video

More fun from Nintendo as they’ve released a Classic Glitches trailer from the first Mario adventure Super Mario Bros.  Some of the entertaining glitches like the shell jumping trick (a classic that gives you endless lives) and the one where a Koopa Shell goes beneath the floors are included.  Also the famous dancing on the beanstalk trick!  Many more are in the video, have a look.

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Direct from Nintendo Japan: Super Mario 25th Anniversary Wallpapers

This just in and direct from Nintendo Japan: awesome Mario-themed wallpapers celebrating Mario’s 25th anniversary! There are 6 different themes in all. Go to the site to download the size that you want. Thumbails below of your 6 choices. Got a favorite? Leave us a comment and let us know which one.

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Donkey Kong Destroys Manhattan

This short film by Patrick Jean imagines an apocalypse of 8-bit Classic Game characters like Donkey Kong and Space Invaders taking out Manhattan.  It’s really cool….but where’s Mario? 😉

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Mario Facts Galore

It’s amazing how much information has been amassed on a single game — Super Mario.  Take a look at this Wikipedia page on Mario — amazing!

Then there’s this list of Mario games by year, wow!  It all started in 1981 with Donkey Kong.

Want a list of Mario characters?  Right here.

And of course a Wiki page on Princess Peach.

All the info. you could possible want on Mario.  Read and discuss.  That’s all!

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Super Mario Lives!

Check out more pictures on our Super Mario pictures pages, here and here.

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Mahjong Games are online at

Mahjong-what? Yes, Mahjong games! You’ve seen them, you’ve heard about them and you’ve wondered…what are they? They’re revered games from ancient China and if you have the patience, skill, memory and luck you just might come out a winner. We’ve added several hand-picked Mahjong games online here at and we think you’re going to like them. Mahjong solitaire? Check. Floating Mahjong? Yep. Classic Style Mahjong? Of course.

See the whole menu of Mahjong online games here and if you’d like to see your favorite games added, just let us know!


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Super Mario widget

Super Mario widget anyone? Here’s a widget we made of the classic Mario game ‘Super Mario Flash’. Feel free to grab it and put it in your Facebook news feed, blog or website. The more Mario, the better! Or if you want to play Mario games on Dash.FM you can do that too. Download our free games toolbar and you’ll get more Mario games than you can shake a stick at :)

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