No 80’s arcade game site would be complete without the original Tetris game.  This is just like the one you played on the $.25 original arcade game, but from the convenience of your PC.  Use your keyboard arrows to navigate the falling blocks to the right position and orientation.  Fill up the well with no spaces, and you win!

We have more Tetris games below so have fun, and be sure to download our free games toolbar for even more  Tetris online games.

So here you go….it’s time to play Tetris online.

Sudoku Tetris

All the fun of Tetris with the challenges of Sudoku.

Instructions: This game combines Tetris and Sudoku. Solve the sudoku while the numbers are falling down. Get the numbers on the board while following the Sudoku rules: every number only once per row, column and 3×3 square.

Tetris of War

Instructions: Clear rows of blocks. Multiple rows with single blocks get you bonus points! Watch out, it gets faster the more rows you get.

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