New Super Mario online games added

Check out our Super Mario Bros. games page for 2 new fun Mario games: Mario Kart Xtreme and Mario Level 3. Add those to the classic Super Mario Flash game and you’ve got a trifecta of Super Mario Super fun. If you want even more Mario games, make sure to download our free games toolbar. It comes with over 1,500 free games you can play from your browser.

Mario Kart Xtreme features our hero zipping through the city streets of a fictitious Gotham-looking city, dodging falling cement head guys, and weaving around thugs and red-hatted monkeys. Decent graphics, crazy sounds and fast action.

Mario Level 3 is a game I’ve come across quite a bit and it seems to be popular. The graphics don’t wow me but it’s got great action and really cool sounds. Well done for a fan game, and it’s free right here at!

Mario Kart Xtreme

Mario Kart Xtreme game

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