Pacman — who dat?

I am going to be painfully honest with you, I’m not sure that I understand the premise or strategy to Pacman. I probably won’t get better at it either because I’m too embarrassed to let anyone know about my misunderstanding. As far as I can tell, you eat the dots? And you have to eat all of them? Then there are monster ghost things that you have to avoid (which isn’t fair because they move really fast), but you can eat them sometimes? Only if you eat the big dots, I think. See, I don’t get it. You can think less of me if you have to, but it seems like it’s an impossible game to be good at it. I can’t play it due to my pathetically fragile ego, but someday I might try if I am in a safe environment.

Cool article in Time:,9171,921174,00.html

WHAT? The bad guys have names?
Red = Blinky
Pink = Pinky (nice)
Cyan = Inky
Orange = Clyde (love it)

Wired wrote a neat history article:

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