Happy 25th Birthday Mario!


Know what today is? The 25th anniversary of the introduction of Super Mario, that’s what! You probably know that Mario made some earlier appearances in Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. games, but with the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985, Mario’s fame really took off.

Check out 25 fun facts from the Guardian newspaper as well as the videos below Nintendo put together to celebrate the occasion.

Nintendo is also issuing a 25th Anniversary Super Mario Collection Box Set that includes Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Lost Levels for Wii. The pack also comes with a cool book containing artwork and other materials from the development of the game and even a CD. It will be released in Japan on October 21, no word yet on whether it will be made available in the US.

Best of all, you can enter to win a Nintendo DSi XL yellow, blue or red prize pack by submitting your favorite Mario moment. Check out all the fun over at Nintendo’s anniversary website

Happy Birthday Mario!

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