Mario games continue to grow in worldwide popularity. Think back to your first experience with Mario. Where were you? How old were you? What Mario game was it? If you still have great memories of those Nintendo days you’re in for a treat because we have many of those original Mario games online here at Dash.FM and they’re completely free for you to play.

We built the site just for Mario fans worldwide, and get visitors from every country who come here to relive Mario memories old and new. Feel free to play these Flash games, and if you see some you’d like us to add, visit our Facebook page and leave us a comment. Remember that these games are just a sampling of what you’ll receive on our free game toolbar.

Some of those Mario and fan-inspired games include Super Mario Star Scramble, Super Mario World Flash and Flash 2, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario Bounce, Super Mario Dress Up, Super Mario Flash Halloween and Super Mario Hopscotch. No sign-up is required. Everything is free so start playing Mario games now.

Super Mario Flash is the classic flash Super Mario online game.  Select either character — Mario or Luigi.  There’s a built in level editor in the game for those of you who want to create your own levels too.  Right and left arrows to move, up arrow to jump, down arrow to crouch and spacebar to throw fireballs.

Play Super Mario Kart Xtreme.  Play as Mario or Luigi, then use the arrows to navigate through the streets on your cart and smash enemies.  Up and down arrows to steer, right arrow to go faster, left arrow stops.  Use “A” for nitrous!

Mario Level 3.  Right and left arrows to move, up arrow to jump.  One life only!

Donkey Kong online — the game that started it all.  Mario made his first online appearance in this game 25 years ago, and it’s still as much fun today as it was then.  Move with the left and right arrow keys, and jump using the space bar.  You get as many lives as you want with this 1 level version so have fun!

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