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Well now it’s official. In a recent poll conducted of 2,000 gamers, Super Mario was voted the “best video game ever”.  The full story is below, with a link for your convenience:

Interestingly, most of the Top 20 games are from 2 decades ago.  Just goes to show you that the classic games live on!

HERE are the Top 20 Video Games, as voted for in the OnePoll survey.

1. Super Mario Bros.

2. Pac-Man

3. Tetris

4. The Sims

5. Sonic the Hedgehog

6. Space Invaders

7. Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas

8. Donkey Kong

9. Mario Kart 64

10. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

11. Tomb Raider

12. Wii Sports

13. Final Fantasy

14. Gran Turismo

15. Lemmings

16. Frogger

17. Pokemon, Red, Blue and Green

18. Street Fighter II

19. Wii Play

20. Guitar Hero

SUPER Mario Bros has been voted the greatest video game EVER.

The classic side-scrolling platform game, set in the colourful Mushroom Kingdom, topped a top-20 list compiled by a poll of 2,000 gamers.

More than 40million copies have been sold since it was first released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.

In the game, Italian plumber Mario and brother Luigi must negotiate the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Toadstool from the clutches of evil Bowser.

The iconic duo have since starred in dozens of Nintendo games — many of which are considered all-time classics.

Even Mario’s theme tune, composed by Koji Kondo, is recognised the world over and has endured through the decades.

Super Mario Bros has been re-released on a host of consoles, including the Super NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Wii.

It spawned numerous sequels, including Super Mario World on the SNES, and recent remakes New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS and Wii.

Researchers at OnePoll revealed “old skool” games are still firm favourites with Britain’s army of gamers.

Pac-Man, which was released in 1980, was voted into second place.

The tiny yellow character is credited with making video games accessible to everyone and has since appeared on a range of platforms — most recently the iPhone.

As well as the hype generated around the arcade game, Pac-Man merchandise, including t-shirts and toys, took the world by storm in the 80s.

Third place in the poll went to another game from that decade — timeless Game Boy puzzler Tetris.

The addictive game, now widely available across different games consoles, involves manipulating falling blocks to fit them together on the playing field.

John Sewell, spokesman for OnePoll, said: “Games which were invented years ago, like Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Super Mario and Pac Man, all appear in the top ten.

“This shows that classic games will live on forever in the hearts of computer game fans.

“The gaming industry is getting more and more competitive, releasing more and more innovative games by the minute — but this survey proves that sometimes the most simple formats work well to keep game players hooked.”

The Sims and Sonic the Hedgehog complete the top five.

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