There’s something about a pudgy Italian guy

Obsessed with Mario

If you don’t have a fondness in your heart for Super Mario, you need to ask yourself a few serious questions (i.e. do I have a heart at all?). My childhood was saturated in all that Mario was up to. Somehow, Japan knew that all of my interests would rest on a short, fat, Italian man.

Mario tirelessly fought to save Princess Peach from Bowser regardless of the facts that Peach 1) never tried to be less easy to catch and 2) never thanked Mario in any satisfying way (cakes and cheek kisses? Nobody wants that garbage). He has been around since 1981, serving as an example of valiance for men everywhere. Can’t find a girlfriend? Ask yourself “what would that short, fat, Italian man do?” and then do that.

IGN’s history of Mario:

Interview with creator Miyamoto:

Top Selling Game Franchise:

40-year history of gaming:

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